About Us

Our motto is "We play honest music".  

There’s a quote by Annie Lennox that can explain a bit more what this means:
"Singing a song is one thing, but expressing a song is another – it’s deep. That’s why you don’t have to be the best singer technically, as long as you can convince people of your emotional authenticity. Performing isn’t just about the voice – there’s a magic to it, an alchemic quality."

The Pocketband was estabished late spring 2014, as a guitarist, a bassist and a lady singer met to check out if they could play music together. This worked very well!

Since then we have played occactionaly at a bar in Basel, on Novartis Campus, at a company xmas dinner, at Lörrach Singt in 2015 and 2016, and we arranged our own concert in Binningen in April 2016.

The idea of the band is to play "big songs in a small group". We are covering famous songs, trying to make our own version of them sometimes changing tempo and style, but often also being true to the original groove of the song. We have a good feeing about our concept, and we notice that our audience have had big smiles and always enjoyed our gigs.

We have a reharsal room in Basel (next to SBB), where we currently meet to rehearse every monday eve. We have a small set of own equipment including PA and amplifiers to be able to perform in settings with audience counting from 20 to 150 people.

Our ambition is not to become famous, but to enjoy playing together and develop a good set of songs that people like to hear!

Pocketband musicians are:
"Vacant position"             Lead Vocals
Peter Sladeczek              Guitar, Background Vocals
Tormod Tveiterås              Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals 

Special guests and former lead singers:
Laila Kynningsrud           Lead and Background Vocals
Maeva Randrianarivelo     Lead Vocals